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What is MINT?

MINT is MINeable Token working on the Ethereum platform. To mine bitcoin you need to spend electricity. To mine MINT you need to spend some gas. The basic principle: the more you have, the more you will get. MINT can be added to any Ethereum Wallet because it is standard ERC20 token. You must have at least 0.01% (better - 0.0101%) of all MINT to start mining or you will just spend gas!

How is mining going?

Just press Mine MINT in our Online Wallet and get from 0 to 50000 MINT.

Why to buy MINT now?

To have more tokens and more chance to get tokens during mining.

How can I earn with MINT?

You can sell mined tokens on exchange.

How to mine MINT?

For example, we will use

Send 0 Ether to contract.

Click Send Ether & Tokens.

Enter address 0xEA642206310400cDA4c1c5b8E7945314Aa96b8a7, amount to send 0 Ether. Set gas limit to 100000 (IMPORTANT!). Then send transaction. After 1-2 minutes check[YOUR_ADDRESS]#tokentxns - successful mining or not.
Your chance for successful mining is proportional to the number of tokens in your account.