Welp, time to just say fuck it and say that you need to buy this movie. Definitely a writing error in what is already considered one of the show's weaker episodes. In fact, to my memory, only in the DCAU comic books that are set after the series proper had ended. Okay sure, but at what point does he gain agility and combat skills that allow him to scale tall buildings and go toe-to-toe with the likes of Killer Croc and Batman? Pan over to Olive and Everett.
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If you were a Mad Scientist that can mutate a plant into a Vagina Dentata monster, couldn't you clone a rose? More or less the same can be said about other major villains. For all we know the police were right on his tail and got there before Candice was harmed. Because deep down he's a bit of a small, petty, insecure man. One of the kids he raised was Dick Grayson and there was nothing wrong with him Basically the city has a large enough criminal element that any goofball with a gimmick can round up a gang by calling around and saying "We'll knock over a few banks, you in? As Linkara points out in in the Time Force installment of his History of Power Rangers there is a difference between having a sympathetic back story and ''actually' being a sympathetic character.
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Yeah, but drilling the old pavement away to lay the cement takes a few days. In plenty of stories Batman's mask is booby trapped and if he doesn't recognize him he doesn't recognize him. One of the kids he raised was Dick Grayson and there was nothing wrong with him They're near and they're far. Controversy gets people interested.
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Notice that Candice never appeared again after the Bane episode. The answer to the first question is not an answer at all, because, as usual in those cases, it's not about whether or not it would work - it's about not trying. Hatter appears to have genuinely believed he was doing Batman the biggest favor he could manage which might also explain why he didn't remove the mask. And, as his boss basically retorted, if he wanted the dough for his board game, why did he sign a contract that basically gave it and the money it would earn away to the company in the first place? I'm looking for a unique funny tone of voice.
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